This also greatly impacts how voters view Donald Trump and the impeachment proceedings. 

Courtesy of Axios

Over the past five years, Americans have become increasingly polarized in their media consumption diets based on their political affiliation, according to new data from Pew Research Center.

It’s not just news that polarizes us — it’s our culture, too. Other studies out over the past year that suggest that the trend extends beyond news and information to entertainment and leisure.

The Pew research finds that when it comes to news sources, Republicans tend to trust Fox News more than any other news source, while Democrats tend to trust a variety of news sources about equally. Their top choice is CNN, closely followed by NBC News, ABC News, CBS News and PBS.

When compared to a similar poll taken in 2014, the results suggests that “Republicans have grown increasingly alienated from most of the more established sources, while Democrats’ confidence in them remains stable, and in some cases, has strengthened,” Pew concluded.

These results reflect similar findings from a Morning Consult survey last October, which found that the gap between how Republicans and Democrats view national media brands like CNN and Fox News continues to widen.

The differences are also reflected in our entertainment choices with liberals favoring humorous shows and conservatives leaning toward feel good movies and sitcoms that reinforce their value systems. 

Late night is now almost completely taken over by hosts who have a more progressive bent, therefore conservatives avoid them for the most part. 

The conservative demographic remain big fans of pro-wrestling shows and reality based programs that feature hunting, fishing, or rural living. 

Overall both groups tend to select the programming that supports their ideological points of view, but with progressive there are multiple channels with a wide variety of choices, while conservatives are left with Fox News and a handful of other programming that they do not find insulting.

Clearly this self-filtering means that we see the world in vastly different ways, and find ourselves drifting further and further apart. 

That cannot be good for this country in the long term.