Keep in mind that these are filings from Cesar Sayoc’s defense attorneys. 

Courtesy of ABC News

New defense filings in the case of admitted serial bomber Cesar Sayoc paint a grim picture of a man who “lost everything in the Great Recession,” had “cognitive limitations and severe learning disabilities” and was “abandoned by his father and sexually abused by a teacher at his Catholic school.”

“In this darkness,” his defense counsel wrote, “Mr. Sayoc found light in Donald J. Trump.”

In their sentencing submission Monday, Sayoc’s lawyers lay out the path from his difficult childhood through his recent years living out of his cramped van, festooned with stickers supporting Trump, and critical of the president’s perceived enemies.

“As he grew older and more isolated, excessive steroid use increased his feelings of anxiety and paranoia,” his lawyers wrote.

“Mr. Sayoc came to believe that prominent Democrats were actively working to hurt him, other Trump supporters, and the country as a whole,” the defense filing states.

Sayoc would eventually construct and send through the mail 16 improvised explosive devices that his lawyers say in his mind were hoax devices to “try to intimidate and scare Trump’s perceived enemies.”

The defense filing draws a thread through Sayoc’s “religious” viewing of Fox News programs like “Fox and Friends” and “Hannity,” to his following of Trump supporters on social media and his connection to hundreds of right-wing Facebook groups, many of which “promoted various conspiracy theories, and more generally, the idea that Trump’s critics were dangerous, unpatriotic, and evil.”

Sayoc was an avid follower of Trump’s Twitter account and his federal public defenders point to Trump throughout the filing.

“In his statements, Trump specifically blamed many of the individuals whom Mr. Sayoc ultimately targeted with his packages,” they write.

There are numerous accounts of Fox News viewing Trump supporters instigating some kind of violent encounter.

Cesar Sayoc may be the most dangerous example of this, but there are clearly many others who are just as agitated by Trump’s Twitter lies and misinformation provided by Fox News to consider acts of violence. 

It is pretty clear that Donald Trump and his propaganda outlet are purposefully ginning up anger and hatred in a country that is now bitterly divided, and should be held culpable for any attacks or acts of terrorism that result from their activities. 

You know, if there was any justice that is.