Courtesy of Newsweek:

“Sean Hannity, who fulminated about conspiracies against Trump nightly on Fox, was the most influential White House counselor,” Poniewozik writes in an excerpt published by Vanity Fair Wednesday, before the book’s September 10 release.

“He basically has a desk in the place,” Poniewozik quotes an unnamed Trump adviser as saying.

Poniewozik also writes that “Trump ordered the release of classified intelligence on the Russia investigation at the behest of his favorite TV hosts: ‘the great Lou Dobbs, the great Sean Hannity, the wonderful great Jeanine Pirro.'”

“It was real that TV personalities — who cast his world in terms of exciting victories and wicked antagonists — were more persuasive to Trump than his own staff,” according to Poniewozik. He provided an example other than Hannity — that Trump after watching Fox News host Tucker Carlson push a conspiracy theory that South African white farmers were targeted for “large-scale killing,” told his secretary of state to “closely study” the matter.

Poniewozik pointed out that Trump shut down the government for five weeks after hearing Fox & Friends hosts say he would “look like a loser” if he didn’t.

Hannity is one of only several dozen friends and family members who can reach Trump’s White House phone line directly through the switchboard operator, New York Magazine reported in May 2018.

Hannity apparently calls the president after 10 p.m. at the end of his show. The two often talk at other times throughout the day about political developments, and typically spoke about TV ratings and about special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe, which they called a “witch hunt,” according to the report.

First off anybody who takes policy advise from the insipid morons on Fox News is too damn stupid to run this country.

But I guess we already know that about Donald Trump, don’t we?

Secondly Fox News is an outrage factory whose ratings rely on scaring or freaking out their viewers on a daily basis. 

Having the guy in the White House freaking out about segments on a cable news outlet puts all of us at risk.

And yet we have seen that very thing play out time and time again. 

The border crisis, was a creation of Fox News.

So was the outrage over Obama’s Iran deal, distrust of Obamacare,  and the idea that the Russia investigation was an attempt by the Democrats to stage a coup. 

Trump believes all of it, and accepts it without question no matter how many of the stories are proven false by more reputable news agencies. 

And the more often he erratically responds to the real fake news being promoted by Fox the more often the citizens of this country, our place in the world, and our economy are placed in danger.

Fox also minimizes or refutes the importance of factually based problems like climate change, gun violence, and Russian interference in out elections. 

Putting in simply Fox News is a danger to the stability of the United States. 

You know San Fransisco recently labeled the NRA a domestic terrorist organization. 

I think it is high time that we start using the same language when talking about Fox News.