(I could not find an article about this interview on CNN but I did find an article about the audio on another news outlet.)

Courtesy of Newsweek:

In the recordings released Friday, Barry can be heard complaining about Ivanka’s conduct and mocking Eric Trump, the president’s second son. She was discussing Ivanka’s decision to post a photo of herself with one of her children on Instagram even while the Trump administration was separating children from their families at the southern border.

“When that damn Ivanka puts this picture of the ‘Madonna and Child’ on Instagram when the big news of the day was how kids are being ripped from their families,” Barry said on the recording. “I couldn’t blame—I’d never heard of Samantha Bee before. I couldn’t blame what she said.”

Barry was seemingly referring to Bee’s attack on Ivanka following her photo post, branding the president’s daughter a “feckless ****.” Bee later apologized after being criticized for the remark, though maintained she was not trying to placate right-wingers in doing so.

“Ivanka gives a ****. She’s all about her,” Barry said. “She’s a mini-Donald, but yet he’s besotted with her. He always has been. She’s always been his favorite.” Barry had cutting words for Eric too. “Eric’s become the moron publicly,” she said.

Friday’s clips included more scathing comments on Trump. “And then you get Donald who won’t do anything for anybody unless it’s going to inure to his—I mean, he won’t do any—publicly,” Barry said.

“I mean, if you—anything he did, he says, ‘Look what I’ve done. Aren’t I wonderful?’ And he’s as tight as a duck’s ass. Just like dad was, really.”

I am really tickled by the fact that these tapes are coming out during the same week where the RNC is trying so hard to lie to the American people about the character and accomplishments of Donald Trump. 

And then here you have his sister telling the unvarnished truth.