Trump must be slipping if he cannot once again put the worst person possible in a position of authority. 

Courtesy of The Hill:

Stephen Moore told President Trump on Thursday that he is withdrawing from consideration for a Federal Reserve nomination due to the “unrelenting attacks” from his critics.

Moore, who Trump floated in March for a spot on the Fed board, told the president in a letter that he and his family could not handle the mounting criticism over his nomination, much of which centered around Moore’s resurfaced past writings.

“I am respectfully asking that you withdraw my name from consideration,” Moore, a conservative commentator and former Trump campaign adviser, wrote to the president. “The unrelenting attacks on my character have become untenable for me and my family and 3 more months of this would be too hard on us.”

Trump said Thursday afternoon that Moore had pulled out of the running for a nomination to Fed board, just hours after Moore told reporters he was “all in” on a bid for the central bank.

I am appropriately worried about whatever “work” that Moore is planning to do to help with “future economic growth.” 

By the way, the “unrelenting attacks” he speaks of were actually reporting of him making sexist comments.

Like this:

Even without those comments, it was widely understood that Moore was horrifically unfit for a position on the Fed board. 

Not only is he a singularly unintelligent man but he is a social pariah who cannot help but say the wrong thing in any given situation. 

Hopefully, after this Moore sill slink right back to whatever rock he crawled out from under.