Finally somebody recognizes the problem.

Courtesy of WaPo:

National Democratic leaders, backed by activist groups formed in response to President Trump’s election, are planning an unprecedented push to flip legislative chambers in at least seven states next year, a major strategic shift buoyed by the party’s successful seizure of Virginia’s state government in November.

Democratic groups, labor unions and grass roots organizations say their strategy centers on funneling tens of millions of dollars into traditionally low-profile state legislative contests in an effort to create new routes for the party’s agenda and prepare for upcoming congressional redistricting. The party has largely focused on the top of the ballot during presidential election years, an approach that allowed Republicans to make gains in statehouses for decades.

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, which focuses on statehouse elections, has set a $50 million spending goal for 2020 — five times more than the group spent before the last round of redistricting in 2010. The group plans to target statehouses in Texas, North Carolina and several battleground states.

“We have a generational opportunity to flip state legislatures from red to blue,” said Jessica Post, the committee’s president. “We’ve seen this gridlock in Washington, that hopefully will not continue, but if it does . . . we want progress. We’ve got to see it happen in the states.”

The Republicans have been focusing on these local races for decades now, and the fruit of their efforts are obvious to anybody really paying attention. 

In fact it was the Moral Majority in the 80’s that really provided the foot soldiers to recruit new conservative politicians and then help finance their campaigns while hooking them up with resources inside of the Republican party. 

Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University, among other conservative Christian colleges, have focused on turning evangelical students into future lawyers who would interpret the law to favor conservatives and the Republican party. 

A number of those graduates found work in the Reagan and W. Bush administrations. as well as with local politians in their home states. 

I have long suggested that Democrats also need to focus on recruiting and grooming politicins for state elections in order to win back some of the districts that are currenty considered out of reach for progressives. 

I am glad that Democratic leaders are also recognizing that strategy as a way forward for our party.