Dammit! I knew this was going to happen sooner or later.

Courtesy of Politico

Rep. Ro Khanna, a national campaign co-chair for Bernie Sanders, on Friday called Elizabeth Warren “an outstanding choice” to become Sanders’ running mate should he capture the Democratic presidential nomination.

The California Democrat told MSNBC he would “absolutely” advise Sanders to name a woman as his vice presidential pick, and singled out the Vermont senator’s colleague from Massachusetts when asked who specifically he would recommend.

“Maybe Sen. Warren,” Khanna said. “I mean, I’ve said Senator Warren would be an outstanding choice. There will be other outstanding choices.”

The words of praise from the top Sanders campaign official come after Warren declined to immediately endorse another candidate after dropping out of the Democratic primary Thursday — further irking some Sanders supporters who argued that she siphoned progressive voters from Sanders on Super Tuesday.

As I have mentioned before I do not think that Warrren is predisposed to endorsing Bernie’s campaign, much less agree to be his VP. 

I think her overwhelming practicality and his shoot for the moon policy ideas would clash, and clash hard. 

She seems a much better fit for Biden, if he were interested in offering her a spot on his ticket, but that of course assumes that she is even interested in that role and so far she has not said that she is. 

Right now the math does not support Bernie getting this nomination, but if Warren joins him that might help him a little but still not take him to his goal. 

On the other hand I think her addition to the Biden campaign would make his nomination a dead certainty. 

And it would also help to allay fears that he is too old and that his mental acuity is not what once was. 

Elizabeth Warren may be seventy, but she is an energetic seventy with the razor sharp intellect of a woman half her age.