Damn, she’s a badass!

To be honest I had stopped watching the speech well before the halfway mark so I missed this in real time.

But when I saw it pop up on the internet I literally cheered out loud.

I had watched Pelosi sitting behind Trump while he lied his ass off about his accomplishments, and wondered how in  the hell she held it together through all of that. 

I mean she had to sit there through an avalanche of lies, the Republicans cheering him like he was the second coming, and while watching him give the Presidential Medal of Freedom to one of the most famous racists and misogynists in American history. 

So when she stood up and tore the speech into pieces I knew she was finished playing Ms. Nice Speaker of the House. 

For those of you who are wondering just how much of last night’s speech was bullshit, the Washington Post has an article revealing just that. (Click this link)

Psst,. Here’s a hint, pretty much all of it.