Seriously, what kind of reporter would ask a question that stupid?

Speaker Pelosi was not sure either.

Courtesy of TPM:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) softly jabbed a reporter and the Sinclair Broadcasting Group on Thursday evening after a Sinclair reporter’s question about Pelosi hating President Trump got her heated earlier in the day.

During a CNN Town Hall, Jake Tapper asked Pelosi about the exchange — in which Sinclair journalist James Rosen riled Pelosi when he asked if her motivation for impeachment was centered on a hatred for Trump — and Pelosi responded by questioning whether Rosen was a “reporter.”

“Was that a reporter? Is that what reporters do?” she asked Tapper, which received laughs from the audience.

“I’m not going to comment on that,” Tapper said, “it was a reporter from Sinclair News.”

“Ya, Sinclair is that a news source?” Pelosi asked, before calling the word “hate” “really disgusting.”

Any of you who have visited IM for any length of time will recognize Sinclair Broadcasting as the Right Wing news syndicate that has been buying up local stations all over the country and then forcing them to echo conservative talking points to their viewers. 

So no Nancy, he is not a legitimate reporter. 

By the way whose brilliant idea was it to depict Nancy Pelosi as an ass-kicking sorceress? 

Look, we already know she is all-powerful, nobody has to convince us.