Courtesy of Tampa Bay Times:

George Cretekos, the city’s Republican mayor, urged his fellow City Council members on Monday to support a sweeping resolution calling on Congress to ban “military-style” assault weapons and high capacity magazines; pass a national “red flag” law and expand gun background checks to cover private sales.

“I’ve gone to church, I’ve prayed,” Cretekos said. “My prayers aren’t working.”

Though state lawmakers have long banned Florida cities from regulating firearms on their own ― and the resolution’s passage is very much in doubt ― it was a remarkable symbolic move for the normally politically averse City Council.

“In the past, council and I have stayed away from national issues,” Cretekos said at Monday’s work session. “But I think this issue is something that we need to consider to let people know where we stand as a community to encourage safety.”

The resolution was not unique to the Tampa Bay area. In 2017, St. Petersburg, whose elected government is dominated by Democrats, also called for a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

What is unique is that this is a Republican politician suggesting that assault style weapons should be banned and not a Democrat. 

I think that just helps to illustrate how far we have come on the gun issue.

People are fed up with reading about one mass shooting after the other, with nobody lifting a finger to stop it. 

It does not fucking matter if an assault weapon ban, background check, or boycott of certain weapon selling stores would not have stopped the last mass murder, it might stop the next one, or at the very least make it less deadly. 

We have to do something, and if we do enough somethings we might actually solve this problem, that ONLY we in America have right now.