By a show of hands, who saw this coming? Oh, all of you?

Courtesy of the Bleacher Report:

At least three WWE employees who have been at the Performance Center have tested positive for COVID-19 this week.

Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet reported the positive tests include in-ring talent but no names have been given. WWE plans on conducting more tests ahead of tapings scheduled for this week.

A developmental talent who was last on WWE facilities June 9 previously tested positive for the virus, leading to a temporary halting in taping last week. WWE tested its talent and resumed taping later in the week.

Kevin Owens did not attend last week’s Raw tapings because of concerns over the virus. Some other top talent, including Roman Reigns, have chosen to not participate in WWE tapings during the pandemic over health concerns.

WWE has not missed a week of programming during the COVID-19 pandemic, instead choosing to film empty-arena shows at their performance center in Orlando. Florida has seen a massive spike in COVID cases in recent weeks, including a record of 5,508 cases reported Wednesday.

WWE has not publicly disclosed any protocols on social distancing or quarantining for its talent when they are not taping. The company did not begin doing coronavirus testing for its talent until earlier this month.

Remember back in April when the governor of Florida labeled pro-wrestling an “essential service” and we all predicted that they would see an outbreak of the Coronavirus and eventually have to shut down?  

Yeah, how does it feel to be smarter than the governor of Florida? 

I would say that the one smart choice the WWE people made was to ban a live audience. 

So at least now they have not infected hundreds of people dumb enough to think that professional wrestling is actually a sport. 

Though simply living in Florida right now is probably not that much safer.