Courtesy of The Hill:

MSNBC is set to air “Obama,” a four-part docuseries chronicling the 44th president’s time in office, this week.

The series, which will air Friday and Saturday evening, will follow Obama’s presidency from his candidacy to the organized opposition of the Tea Party movement and the domestic international crises of the era.

The series will feature interviews with journalists who covered the Obama White House, members of his political inner circle and congressional leaders, according to MSNBC.

Episode 1 of the series is set to premiere Friday at 8 p.m., with the remaining episodes following Saturday night at the same time.

I am glad that this is airing after Biden has been elected because if I had watched it while Trump was still the president I would have been overwhelmed with sadness. 

I think I will give it a watch, as the first time I viewed the Obama presidency in real-time I really enjoyed it.