This is interesting.

Courtesy of NBC News:

Sixty-eight percent of registered voters think the coronavirus outbreak will have a big impact on election turnout in the U.S., a new poll shows — and nearly 4 in 10 support delaying the November presidential election until the pandemic is under control.

The findings are from a TargetSmart survey conducted April 8 through April 11.

Democrats are more likely to think the outbreak will have a big impact (80 percent) than independents (66 percent) or Republicans (58 percent). Still, majorities across party lines think the outbreak will have a big impact on voting.

The survey also found that 39 percent support delaying the November general election until the spread of the coronavirus is under control.

Sixty-three percent of registered voters are concerned about the outbreak’s preventing voting in this year’s elections, including 39 percent who say they are very concerned.

Forty-six percent of voters say they are worried about the possibility that they or someone in their immediate family could become infected while voting where they usually cast their ballots.

An overwhelming majority (78 percent) also said it’s important for their state and local governments to provide alternatives to in-person voting, including 46 percent who said it’s very important.

Most Democrats (91 percent) think it’s important to provide alternatives to in-person voting. Sizable majorities of independents (77 percent) and Republicans (66 percent) also think it’s important.

I find it interesting that about 39% of respondents think delaying the elecion is a good idea since that closely mirrors the percentage of folks who support Donald Trump. 

A cynic might think that it is the same demographic who will support anything that might keep Trump in office as long as possible. 

I am quite pleased that the majority of Americans recognize that alternatives to in person voting is the only real solution to our current problem.