Oh this is going to piss off the orange-tinted fuhrer. 

Courtesy of The Independent

Half of US military personnel disapprove of Donald Trump as commander in chief — a poll of the armed forces has suggested amid opposition to the president’s sudden withdrawal from Syria and his approach to building a wall on the Mexican border.

The president has repeatedly touted his support for the troops – telling services members in June “I can tell you, there’s nobody that respects the military more than your President, Donald Trump”.

However, it appears the feeling is not necessarily mutual. A poll of 1,630 active duty troops conducted by US forces publication Military Times in conjunction with Syracuse University found 49.9 percent of respondents had an unfavorable view of the president — with 45.1 percent expressing their view as very unfavorable.

Meanwhile, just 41.5 percent of military personnel said they had a favorable opinion of Mr. Trump, falling just lower than his rating among the general public according to a poll of polls from FiveThirtyEight.

When asked about specific military policies, 58 percent said they disapproved of the president’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria — a move that created a power vacuum that was quickly exploited by Russia and Turkey, with the latter going on to attack America’s Kurdish allies in the north of the country.

Trump has been bragging about his support from the military for years now, and even with this poll he will just keep doing it. 

Why would facts get in the way of his bragging?

However we now know that insulting gold star families, pulling troops out of a war zone while the war is still being fought, and trying to redirect Pentagon funds for a stupid wall are not the kinds of things that endear you to the military.