It is hard to suggest that these individuals do not know what they are talking about.

Courtesy of The Hill:

A group of more than 700 historians urged the House of Representatives to vote to impeach President Trump, writing in a public letter that Trump’s disregard for the rule of law represents a “clear and present danger to the Constitution.”

“It is our considered judgment that if President Trump’s misconduct does not rise to the level of impeachment, then virtually nothing does,” the scholars write in the letter, which was shared on Medium by Protect Democracy, a nonprofit advocacy group.

The letter comes as the House prepares to move forward with a historic vote on articles of impeachment against the president. The lower chamber is expected to vote on articles charging Trump with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress on Wednesday.

Renowned historians Ron Chernow, John Meacham and Douglas Brinkley, as well as legendary filmmaker Ken Burns, were among the letter’s signatories.

The historians argue that “Trump’s numerous and flagrant abuses of power are precisely what the Framers had in mind as grounds for impeaching and removing a president.” Citing Alexander Hamilton, they also assert that Trump’s alleged offenses arouse the Constitution’s authors’ fear that powerful members of the government would become”mercenary instruments of foreign corruption.”

There are now also almost a dozen newspapers now calling for Trumps’ impeachment. (Link)

This is the growing pressure that I spoke of yesterday which might inspire Republicans to break ranks and vote to impeach Donald Trump. 

Let’s see if it works.