I think everybody knew this was going to happen.

Courtesy of CNN:

More than 70 Covid-19 cases have now been linked to an event that drew thousands of tourists to a small South Dakota city earlier this month, CNN surveys of state health departments show.

The annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is a 10-day event that usually brings about 500,00 people to the city. This year, the rally attracted attendees on more than 460,000 vehicles, according to the state’s transportation department.
Experts feared the rally, which drew people from all over the United States — including coronavirus hotspots — had the potential to become to become a spreading event, not just in the state but across the country.

Sixty-one percent of counties in the US have been visited by someone who was at Sturgis, Camber Systems, which collects and analyzes cell phone activity for health researchers, told CNN.

Several states have already reported cases believed linked to the event.

Sure they are all going to get sick, and some of them will likely die, but damn they looked so cool on their motorcycles, right? 

I never got the appeal of riding around with a motorcycle gang.

I mean I have been on bikes, and I even used to hang out with a local motorcycle gans when I was a youngster, but if you want to talk about being stuck in your adolescence that describes these sad sacks to a “T.” 

So, of course, they did not wear masks or social distance, that would require them to act like adults, and that is Kryptonite to these idiots. 

Which means I guess there will be some new openings on the Hells Angels roster.