Courtesy of Yahoo News

One of the first school districts in the country to reopen its doors during the coronavirus pandemic did not even make it a day before being forced to grapple with the issue facing every system actively trying to get students into classrooms: What happens when someone comes to school infected?

On the first day of classes Thursday, a call from the county health department notified Greenfield Central Junior High School in Indiana that a student who had walked the halls and sat in various classrooms had tested positive for the coronavirus.

Administrators began an emergency protocol, isolating the student and ordering everyone who had come into close contact with the person, including other students, to quarantine for 14 days. It is unclear whether the student infected anyone else.

“We knew it was a when, not if,” said Harold E. Olin, superintendent of the Greenfield-Central Community School Corp., but were “very shocked it was on Day 1.”

To avoid the same scenario, hundreds of districts across the country that were once planning to reopen their classrooms, many on a part-time basis, have reversed course in recent weeks as infections have spiked in many states. Those that do reopen are having to prepare for the near-certain likelihood of quarantines and abrupt shutdowns when students and staff members test positive.

Of the nation’s 25 largest school districts, all but six have announced they will start remotely, although some in places like Florida and Texas are hoping to open classrooms after a few weeks if infection rates go down, over strong objections from teachers’ unions.

In my opinion, no American schools should even consider reopening during the 2020-2021 school year. 

No matter how long we wait, it will never really be safe enough to risk children’s lives until there is a safe vaccine, of until we have brought the number of new statewide infections down to single digits 

I have been harping on this since schools first closed back in May, and I am certainly not going to stop anytime soon. 

If you want to infect adult Republicans in rallies and political conventions, then I guess that is their choice to risk infection. 

But keep the children safe. 

Because after all is that not job number one for any community?