We are in a real race now.

Courtesy of Politico

New money from outside groups and small dollar donors are flooding into Alaska, where independent Al Gross, who is backed by state and national Democrats, is aiming to unseat first-term GOP Sen. Dan Sullivan. The race has been on the edges of the Senate map for months, potentially competitive but receiving far less attention than some more expensive and geographically closer contests.

But now a new influx of outside spending and grassroots dollars into Gross’ campaign have given Democrats a major financial edge in the state in the final four weeks. A new super PAC formed Monday is dropping $4 million into the race, the largest outside investment so far and a signal of optimism among party leaders. And Gross announced that his campaign raised $9 million over the past three months, a staggering sum that would have been enough to fund an entire campaign.

“It’s a money bomb,” said Jim Lottsfeldt, a veteran operative in the state.

Alaska offers Democrats another path to cobbling together the three seats they need to flip control of the Senate if Joe Biden wins the presidential race. And along with races in Kansas, Montana and South Carolina, the Alaska foray represents a major offensive into traditionally red states that are more competitive because of President Donald Trump’s sinking poll numbers.

I am typically not a fan of outside money helping to decide winners in Alaskan elections. 

But that is what helps the Republicans retain power year after year, so I guess if you can’t beat them, join them. 

Dan Sullivan is a Koch brother puppet and votes the straight GOP ticket every time his strings are pulled., 

Other than that he is virtually invisible and stays in the background attracting little attention.

I have mixed feelings about Al Gross, but I know that he is a dependable vote for the Dems in the Senate, and right now that is all I need to know.