At this rate the entire GOP will be shut down one careless lawmaker at a time. 

Courtesy of The Week:

After Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) announced on Sunday he has tested positive for the novel coronavirus, Utah’s two Republican senators — Mitt Romney and Mike Lee — both said they have decided to self-quarantine.

Paul is the first confirmed case of coronavirus in the Senate. His office said he was asymptomatic, but was tested because he travels often and attends lots of events. Once he learned he tested positive for coronavirus, Paul went into quarantine at his home in Kentucky. His office did not say when he was tested.

Romney’s office tweeted that because he sat next to Paul “for extended periods in recent days,” he has been ordered by a doctor to “immediately self-quarantine and not to vote on the Senate floor. He has no symptoms but will be tested. He urges members to pass a relief package as quickly as possible that provides assistance for families, workers, and small businesses.”

It is also reported that Paul was at the Senate gym on the morning that he tested positive, so way to keep that infection from spreading. 

I personally have not been to my gym in over two weeks now. 

Here was how Trump responded to hearing the news about Romney.

Even if you are not a big fan of Mitt Romney, and I certainly am not, this kind of reaction is inexcusable. 

Not only is Trump the worst president in our country’s history but he is also just a fucking douchebag.