It appears that somebody is finally seeing the writing on the walls. 

Courtesy of Yahoo News

It was only a few weeks ago that the top Senate Republican was hinting that his chamber would make short work of impeachment.

But this week, Sen. Mitch McConnell, the majority leader, sat his colleagues down over lunch in the Capitol and warned them to prepare for an extended impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

According to people who were there, he came equipped with a PowerPoint presentation, complete with quotes from the Constitution, as he schooled fellow senators on the intricacies of a process he portrayed as all but inevitable.

Few Republicans are inclined to convict Trump on charges that he abused his power to enlist Ukraine in an effort to smear his political rivals. Instead, McConnell, R-Ky., sees the proceedings as necessary to protect a half-dozen moderates in states like Maine, Colorado and North Carolina who face reelection next year and must show voters they are giving the House impeachment charges a serious review.

McConnell is walking a careful line of his own in managing the fast-moving impeachment process. On Friday, the senator wrote a scathing op-ed criticizing the president’s decision to pull back troops from northern Syria, calling it a “grave strategic mistake,” without naming Trump. But McConnell, who is known for his ruthless partisan maneuvering, also views it as his role to protect a president of his own party from impeachment, and in a recent fundraising video, he vowed to stop it.

Of course the problem with that whole stopping it thing, is that during a trial there will be a lot of evidence presented that the majority of the American people have never seen yet, so by the end of the proceedings there may be more than just a handful of vulnerable GOP Congresspeople and Senators whose constituents are clamoring for impeachment. 

I am willing to bet that by the time all is said and done that the number of Americans calling for impeachment will be in excess of 75%, and that at least 40% of Republicans will feel the same.