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On Wednesday, Mitch McConnell once again articulated his commitment to limiting voter turnout, but this time he didn’t try to hide behind “security concerns.” He took to the Senate floor to voice his opposition to a proposal that Election Day be made a federal holiday. It’s a move that would go a long way to improving voter turnout and drastically cutting down wait times. Or, as McConnell sees it, it’s a “power grab” by Democrats.

Video of the comments is no better. He mocks the suggestion that federal employees be granted time off to volunteer at polling places because, in his words, they’re likely to support Democrats. McConnell doesn’t even bother to come up with a half-assed excuse–instead he exposes his blanket contempt for government workers because, he suspects, they vote for Democrats, and for that reason alone, it shouldn’t be easier for them to cast a vote.

There really is no way to parse this, Mitch McConnell is saying right out in public that if more American vote it benefits the Democrats., and that suppressing that vote benefits the Republicans. 

This is by no means a surprise to anyone, except that instead of hiding behind the idea of voter fraud, McConnell is ripping off his mask and revealing himself to be a traitor to the very idea of American democracy. 

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12 replies on “Mitch McConnell slams the idea of making election day a holiday as a “power grab” by the Democrats.”

  1. Hey Mitch … can you spell gerrymandering… or how about that power grab you made by denying President Barack Obama a Supreme Court pick?
    McConnell can die a horrible fiery death and I wouldn’t give a cent. He’s a piece of garbage.

  2. I’m really curious how making election day a federal holiday equals a “power grab” by Democrats unless having elections on a working day is a deliberate way to keep citizens from voting. Is that what McConnell is saying? Why on earth would Republicans be afraid of having more registered voters voting? Did no one ask him to explain himself?

  3. Many European countries vote on Sundays and voting is mandatory or you receive a fine.

    Yes, let’s remind Turtlehead about the power grab… obstruct Obama’s initiatives for 8 years, block his supreme court pick and other nasty games the GOP plays because they can’t win if they don’t CHEAT!

    Turtlehead has also been racking in the campaign money from the russians.. TRAITOR in more ways than one.

    1. The Republicans would NEVER support having elections on Sundays. That day is sacred – because of ball games and game-viewing parties. It would be fine by me but then I think it’s a great idea to make Election Day Tuesday a federal and state holiday. Anything that encourages people to vote. If the GOP is worried about having more people vote, their politicians should come up with ideas that actually help real people and stop trying to generate votes with fear mongering.

  4. After all, we know mitch the turtle is on putins payroll. Anything to help democracy is a no no according to the bald one in russia.

  5. Bitch McYertle is whining power grab? I have two words for him; MERRICK GARLAND.

    He’s just admitted that Republicans can’t win when the public is allowed to vote. And that Republicans are the party that stands for denying U.S citizens their right to vote.

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  7. Bitch Mitchis at it again. The next election we could end up with a Democratic Senate and then they could do as they please. I’m hoping!

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