Mitch sees what is coming. 

Courtesy of CNN:

Sen. Mitch McConnell is allowing Republican Senate candidates to do whatever it takes to salvage their campaigns ahead of what Republicans increasingly fear could be a devastating election for their party.

In recent weeks, the Senate majority leader has become so concerned over Republicans losing control of the Senate that he has signaled to vulnerable GOP senators in tough races that they could distance themselves from the President if they feel it is necessary, according to multiple senior Republicans including a source close to McConnell.

That could mean breaking with Trump on the administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic and the continued efforts by the President to paint an optimistic picture despite rising cases and deaths across parts of the country, especially in many Republican states in the South and Midwest.

While this may give some senators the flexibility to draw a distinction between themselves and the President, it also forces them to walk a tightrope. Trump remains enormously popular with the Republican base, and any attempts to undercut him risks alienating those voters.

“These vulnerable senators can’t afford to explicitly repudiate Trump,” said one senior Republican on Capitol Hill. “They just need to show they are independent on issues important in their states.”

Yeah, I don’t think that demonstrating a little independence now will be enough to erase evidence of their complicity in keeping Trump from being removed from office after the impeachment trial. 

Everything that Trump has done wrong since February of this year will be blamed on them in every other campaign ad run against them by their opponent, and that includes Trump’s failure to protect thousands of American lives during this pandemic. 

I think this will be a too little too late for a lot of these Republican Senators.