What? Moscow Mitch had a change of heart?

Courtesy of TPM:

After months of constantly blocking bipartisan efforts to address foreign election hacking, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) finally gave in on Thursday and announced his support for an election security funding measure of $250 million.

During a speech on the Senate floor, McConnell said he was “proud” that the Senate’s appropriations bill includes an bipartisan amendment that would grant states $250 million in funding to help them beef up security for their voting systems.

“I’m proud to have helped develop this amendment and to co-sponsor it in committee,” he continued.

The Republican leader also jabbed at his Democratic critics, saying that the amendment is “exactly the kind of positive outcome” that is possible “when we stop posturing for the press.”

McConnell’s turnabout came after House and Senate Democrats kept publicly blasting the senate leader for his stonewalling, even referring to the Kentucky Republican as “Moscow Mitch” (which McConnell had complained was “over the top” and “modern-day McCarthyism”).

Chuck Schumer applauded McConnell’s change of heart but also added this warning:

“While this funding is important, it’s not the only thing we must do to secure our elections from Russian, Chinese, Iranian or any other foreign country interfering,” Schumer said. “There are multiple, bipartisan pieces of legislation awaiting action on the floor that would counter foreign influence operations against our democracy, safeguard our elections, and deter foreign adversaries from even attempting to interfere.”

This means that we need to keep the pressure on and make sure that McConnell does not simply do the bare minimum to protect our elections moving forward. 

If he is indeed on the Kremlin payroll he will only do enough to save face, and of course his future reelection, without doing anything substantial to truly protect our elections from foreign interference.