Oh yeah, everybody saw this coming.

Courtesy of Yahoo News

Earlier this week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said his chamber would have “no choice” but to hold a trial on whether to remove President Donald Trump from office if the House votes to impeach.

But in a new campaign ad on Facebook, the Kentucky Republican claims that any impeachment attempt will fail as long as he remains in charge of the Senate.

“Nancy Pelosi’s in the clutches of a left wing mob. They finally convinced her to impeach the president,” McConnell says directly to the camera in a 17-second video. “All of you know your Constitution. The way that impeachment stops is a Senate majority with me as majority leader.

“But I need your help,” he adds, standing in front of a picture of an elephant. “Please contribute before the deadline.”

So Mitch McConnell is running for reelection on the promise that he will protect the president from impeachment. 

Of course it is important to note that the next election is not until November of 2020, while the impeachment process is moving forward now. 

If Trump still needs any support from McConnell after November 2020, it will mean he had already survived the impeachment process as well as defeated his Democratic challenger.

So that would suggest to me that McConnell is hitching his reelection bid to his ability to protect Trump from being impeachment.

It’s not like I needed another reason to support Trump’s impeachment, but if it also means helping to defeat Mitch McConnell in 2020, sign me up twice.