Things that make you go “Hmmm.”

Courtesy of Bloomberg

Vice President Mike Pence is self-isolating away from the White House following his press secretary’s diagnosis of Covid-19 on Friday, said three people familiar with the situation.

The vice president didn’t attend a meeting on Saturday with President Donald Trump and top military officials.

Pence tested negative for coronavirus infection on Sunday but is staying home out of an abundance of caution, said the people, who asked not to be identified because his isolation hasn’t been publicly announced.

Pence’s press secretary, Katie Miller, tested positive for coronavirus on Friday. Miller is the primary spokeswoman for the White House coronavirus task force, which Pence leads and which last met on Thursday.

Miller’s diagnosis followed a positive test result earlier in the week for a member of the military who works as a valet to Trump. Miller is married to one of Trump’s closest aides, Stephen Miller.

Okay so here’s the thing, I simply do not believe anybody in this White House. 

None of them!

Now it may in fact be that Pence is simply exercising caution by isolating himself and that he does not actually have the Coronavirus. 

However, ask yourself this, if Mike Pence were to test positive would we, the public, be told that information? 

Because I am thinking they would keep us in the dark as long as humanly possible.

And the same is true if Trump tested positive. 

I’m just saying.

Update: Okay when I typed this out the plan was that Pence was going into self-imposed quarantine, but apparently that sent the wrong message. 

Courtesy of CNN:

Vice President Mike Pence is not planning to enter self-quarantine after his press secretary tested positive for coronavirus on Friday and plans to be at the White House on Monday, his office said on Sunday.

Pence spokesperson Devin O’Malley said the vice president “will continue to follow the advice of the White House Medical Unit and is not in quarantine.”

“Additionally, Vice President Pence has tested negative every single day and plans to be at the White House tomorrow,” O’Malley said in the statement.

Okay, my guess is once this story got out there and Twitter, along with other social media platforms, started to have a heyday with it Trump became pissed off about the message it sent and demanded that Pence remain out of quarantine and continue to put others in the White House at risk in order to shut the story down. 

Does anybody have a better theory?