Can you say corruption?

Courtesy of The Independent

Mike Pence has chosen to stay at Donald Trump’s golf resort during a visit to Ireland, despite his official duties all taking place on the other side of the country in Dublin.

Critics accused the US vice president of corruption by electing to use public funds to enrich his boss’ private business, rather than use one of the hundreds of hotels in the Irish capital.

Mr Pence, who landed in Ireland on Monday following a trip to Poland, stayed the night at Trump International Golf Club in Doonbeg on the west coast of the country. He was joined by his wife, Karen, along with his sister and mother.

According to his public daily schedule, Mr Pence will fly on Air Force Two the 117 miles from Shannon airport to Dublin, where he will hold a series of meetings, before flying back and staying a second night at Mr Trump’s resort.

Though it is unclear how much the Trump Organization stands to make from Mr Pence’s stay at Doonbeg, vice-presidential trips abroad involve dozens of officials, and starting prices for suites at the resort begin at €301 (£275) per night.

Ted Lieu, a Democratic congressman for California, tweeted: “You took an oath to the Constitution, not to [Donald Trump]. Funneling taxpayer money to [the president] by staying at this Trump resort is sooooooo corrupt.”

So to be clear there are perfectly reasonable accommodations in the same city where Pence is to hold meetings, but sadly his boss does not benefit financially if he stays in any of them.

So intead he will suffer the inconvenience of flying all the way across the country in order to attend meetings in order to placate his mone grubbing president.

Hey, remember when corrupt politicians tried to actually hide their criminal behaviors?