Courtesy of CNN:

Vice President Mike Pence was confronted by an emergency room doctor and health care advocate about the state of Medicare and Medicaid while at a campaign stop in Iowa on Thursday.

“I’m worried about plans they talked about last week of maybe cutting the Medicare and then the rollout today of cutting Medicaid. I work … with one of the poorest counties in Michigan and my patients depend on expanded Medicaid. So how is that going to affect my patients?” Dr. Rob Davidson, the executive director of the advocacy group Committee to Protect Medicare, asked Pence.
Pence replied: “I haven’t heard about cuts to Medicare.”

“Cutting Medicaid, yeah, the head of (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) announced the plan to let states file for waivers so they could get block grants. So that would essentially cut the amount of money going to the states. So it would cut federal Medicaid funding. Is that a good idea?” Davidson pressed.

Pence, in the diner, responded to Davidson by offering up his record as governor of Indiana, which expanded Medicaid to low-income adults under his watch through a waiver.

Did you see the look on Mike Pence’s face?

He literally had no fucking idea what that doctor was talking about.

And his shift to talking about what he did in Indiana in a desperate attempt to save himself was almost painful to watch.

I have a feeling that Mike Pence has been walking around in a state of shock for the last three years just hoping that there will be a presidency left for him to win after eight years of Donald Trump in office.