Wow! They will even go to court to fight for their right to cheat. 

Courtesy of The Detroit News

The Michigan Republican Party is suing to block the formation of a voter-approved independent redistricting commission that would draw new state legislative and congressional district boundaries for 2022 and beyond.

A complaint filed Thursday in Grand Rapids federal court argues the commissioner selection process violates the GOP’s freedom of association rights by precluding parties from picking their own representatives to serve on the panel.

State Party Chair Laura Cox called the amendment to the state Constitution “an assault on the associational right of political parties” and suggested it could allow fake Republicans to fill the party’s four reserved slots on the commission.

“This also gives the Democrat leadership the ability to knock off our people … that are allegedly Republicans that we haven’t even selected,” she told The Detroit News. “So it becomes very problematic that we don’t get to have a role in choosing who’s involved.”

Democrats have not raised any objections to the selection rules for the commission, which was promoted as a way to curb partisan gerrymandering and must include four members from each major political party and five who are not affiliated with either.

So essentially the Michigan Republican party is upset because they cannot insert their own operatives into the commission in order to stack the deck in their favor and ensure that they will be able to keep on gerrymandering in order to benefit their party and maintain political control.

My heart just bleeds for them.