Courtesy of WaPo:

Michael Cohen, a former personal lawyer to President Trump, was released from federal prison to home confinement Thursday as part of the Justice Department’s push to stem the spread of the coronavirus among inmates, his attorney said.

Jeffrey Levine said he had spoken with Cohen about 9 a.m. The lawyer said he probably would issue a statement later in the day, after speaking further with Cohen.

The move, although expected, is likely to rile Trump, who has derided his former lawyer as a “rat.” Cohen, 53, once affectionately considered himself Trump’s “fixer,” but as he became ensnared in multiple federal investigations, Cohen turned on his former client — cooperating with federal investigators scrutinizing the president, and airing out in federal court and before Congress what he viewed as Trump’s misconduct.

Cohen was scheduled to get out prison much earlier, but “obstacles” just kept popping up:

Cohen’s attorney and a Justice Department official said last month that Cohen had been cleared to go, and he was placed in a mandatory prerelease quarantine, meant to ensure that he did not have the coronavirus before he was released.

But on May 1, the day he was expecting to return home, officials changed course. Cohen, they decided, would have to meet new Bureau of Prisons criteria that inmates prioritized for release must first have served 50 percent of their sentence, or have served 25 percent and have 18 months or less remaining. Cohen remained isolated and in quarantine, expecting to cross the latter threshold later in the month. A Justice Department official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said Cohen would now be released “on furlough” pending his formal processing for home confinement.

Legal advisers complained publicly about the reversal, fueling some speculation that Cohen was being singled out for harsh treatment because of his soured relationship with Trump.

“As I write this letter Mr. Cohen remains in solitary with no change of clothing, showers once every three days, drinking dirty water from a rusty faucet in his cell, inedible food and his blood pressure/hypertension is not well controlled by medication prescribed by the prison physician,” Levine wrote in a letter on the day Cohen was not released as expected.

The interesting thing about that, of course, is that he was ordered to remain in prison on the same day that Trump lawyers demanded that he stop writing his tell-all book.  

How is that for a coinkydink? 

But now Cohen is out and free to start telling all of the secrets about Trump that he wants.