Oh, ick!

Courtesy of The Independent

Michael Cohen claims that Donald Trump ogled his teenage daughter in his explosive new memoir, according to the Associated Press.

The disgraced attorney, who was one of the president’s closest confidants and “fixer” for years, describes an uncomfortable incident in the book when Mr. Trump allegedly leered at Cohen’s 15-year-old daughter.

It took place in 2012 at the president’s New Jersey golf resort, the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster.

When Mr. Cohen told Mr. Trump that the girl was his daughter, the president followed with a question: “When did she get so hot?” he asked, according to Cohen’s book, The Associated Press reported.

I think this is the point where most people would ask how could Cohen work for such a pig?

His answer to this is that he really does not know why he constantly wanted to please Donald Trump but suggests that his personal charisma was all but irresistible. 

Cohen also says that he saw Trump do more than just ogle young women:

In another episode, Cohen describes Mr. Trump bragging at the Miss Universe pageant that he could “have all of them,” referring to the contestants, if he wanted.

The president’s former lawyer also claims that he has seen his ex-boss forcibly kiss women in his office.

The anecdotes in Cohen’s new book fit into Mr. Trump’s pattern of public behaviour over the years towards women.

Since Trump has openly talked about wanting to bang his own daughter, and of course talked about grabbing women by the pussy, none of this is at all hard to believe. 

Donald Trump is a pig. And yes the people who work for him and supported him also have questionable morals. 

And what does that then say about the people who still support him and plan to vote for him in November? 

Nothing good, that’s for sure.