I think Mexico is tired of this shit.

Courtesy of Politico

Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs Marcelo Ebrard on Sunday denounced Saturday’s mass shooting in El Paso, calling it “an act of terrorism against the Mexican-American community and Mexican nationals in the United States.”

He also announced actions to protect Mexicans in the United States, ask the U.S. government for access to its investigation into the shooting, and possibly request the extradition of the shooter to face charges in Mexico.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced Sunday that six Mexican nationals were killed in the mass shooting at a shopping center. Seven others were wounded.

Earlier on Sunday, Ebrard, in a video on Twitter, announced that Mexico would take legal action against the United States over Saturday’s mass shooting.

“Mexico declares its profound rejection and complete condemnation of this barbaric act, in which innocent Mexican men and women lost their lives,” Ebrard said in the video.

You know it’s bad when Mexico feels the need to protect their people living in America. 

But if they really want to keep them safe perhaps they should extradite the head white nationalist living in the White House.