I know I typically do some snarky thing about Christmas being a stolen holiday, and that we should actually be celebrating Saturnalia, the Roman holiday that the Christians stole while stripping it of all the debauchery that made it pretty awesome. 

However, I am just not in the mood this year. 

I think this has been a challenging year for most of us and we all deserve a day to just kick back with friends and family and let the troubles of the world just roll off our backs. 

This is also our first Christmas on the new website so I thought we would keep the negativity to a minimum.

By the way that is my actual pathetic Christmas tree in the picture above. 

The presents have all been opened now so it looks a little bare, but if you look closely you can see my daughter’s dog lying in the back doing her impression of a holiday gift. 

Sadly my daughter is not here to celebrate with me today as she is down in the lower 48 making tons of money and working on her evil plan to take over my life. 

But that is okay because in a few hours I am headed out to see my mom and brother in Palmer, so that will be nice. 

I hope that you and yours have a wonderful holiday and that this next year brings you all the gifts and renewed hope that you so richly deserve.