Now you’ve done it, you’ve pissed off the Kennedys. 

Courtesy of CNN:

Amy Kennedy, a member of the Kennedy family and wife of a former Rhode Island congressman, announced on Monday she is running for Congress against a former New Jersey Democrat who recently switched parties.

Kennedy joins three other Democrats seeking their party’s nomination for New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District seat and will run against freshman Rep. Jeff Van Drew, who joined the Republican Party after opposing the impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump. She is married to Patrick J. Kennedy, son of late Sen. Ted Kennedy and a former Democratic representative.

Born in Atlantic City and raised in Absecon and Pleasantville, Kennedy is a former public school teacher. She is currently education director of The Kennedy Forum.

Kennedy will raise issues surrounding the mental health crisis and opioid addiction during her campaign, according to a release. Kennedy said she will be an “independent voice in Congress” in a statement on Monday.

“As a former history teacher and a mother of five, I know that this is an historic moment in time when our children’s future is on the line. Our country is in crisis, and our leaders like Donald Trump and Jeff Van Drew have lost their moral compass,” Kennedy said in a statement. “Environmental protections for our coastal communities are being traded in for profits. Race baiting and fear mongering have taken over. We no longer talk to our families and our neighbors because of our divisive politics.”

Oooh, a former teacher who supports environmental protections?

I like her already.

Amy is only a Kennedy by marriage, but that does not mean she will not be warmly embraced by Democrats, and let’s face it you could defeat that traitor Jeff Van Drew if you nominated a hamper full of mildew to run against him.