I gotta hand it to her, that’s pretty smart.

Courtesy of NBC News

First lady Melania Trump favorably renegotiated her prenuptial agreement after husband Donald Trump won the White House, according to a new book by Washington Post reporter Mary Jordan.

Mrs. Trump stayed in New York for months after the president’s inauguration, saying publicly it was because she didn’t want to interrupt son Barron’s school year. Privately, Jordan writes in “The Art of Her Deal: The Untold Story of Melania Trump,” she was using the time to cool off and leverage her absence in negotiations — as the president’s allies wanted her in Washington to be a calming force for the president.

According to a Post report on the book, Mrs. Trump learned new details about her husband during the scandal-riddled campaign, which was marked by reports of his alleged infidelities and a hot mic tape that captured him describing groping women’s genitals and kissing them without consent. Trump has denied the affairs.

Mrs. Trump then used her marriage, the president’s longest relationship, and her newfound standing as first lady to rework her initial prenuptial agreement, which the book reports had not been particularly generous.

Mrs. Trump referred to the prenup renegotiation as “taking care of Barron,” the author writes, according to the Post report, and she sought written assurances that her only child with the president would be treated like his oldest three children when it came to inheritance and financial opportunities.

Of course, the White House is denying this and calling it a work of fiction, but I think there is no way this is not true.

It does help to explain what Melania was doing in New York for so long, as her husband was left trying to figure out his new job, while also pushing back against allegations of rape and sexual misconduct. 

Having her by his side during that time would have really helped to tamp that down so there is no way he willingly let her stay in New York. 

And we know she has her own advisers who had to have been telling her that the time was perfect for her to get what she could out of Trump while he was vulnerable and off-balance. 

What I don’t believe is that she did not already know about the affairs before the stories made national news. 

Instead, I think she used the nation’s sympathy toward her as a lever to pry money out of Trump’s wallet

I am rarely impressed by Melania, but this was a smart play on her part.