Courtesy of The Guardian:

The orphaned child, named Paul, had been brought back to the hospital – reportedly at the request of White House during the visit by the Trumps on Wednesday. The baby’s uncle, standing next to Donald Trump, is reportedly a Trump supporter, as was the deceased father.

The baby was injured, breaking his fingers, in the shooting, after his mother died trying to protect him and her body fell on him. His father had dived to try to shield her as bullets flew.

Speaking to NPR, the uncle, Tito Anchondo, said: “I think people are misconstruing President Trump’s ideas. My brother was very supportive of Trump.”

But condemnation of the picture – which was circulated by Melania Trump and not the family – was swift. White House aides had not allowed media into the hospital during the visit, saying it was “not a photo op”.

Well that is most definitely a photo-op.

And a macabre one at that. 

You know I don’t care if this child’s father was a Trump supporter or not. 

Someday he is going to grow up and see a picture of himself with the man whose hateful rhetoric led to the death of his parents. 

I doubt very seriously he will appreciate being used as a prop by this white nationalist POS.