Do tell.

Courtesy of The Guardian:

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a New York socialite turned author of a tell-all book about her relationship with Melania Trump, has released another recording of America’s first lady in embarrassingly candid conversation, this time discussing an adult film star accused of an affair with her husband.

On the recording Melania Trump discusses Stormy Daniels, who the first lady calls “the porn hooker”. Wolkoff released the recording on Mea Culpa, a podcast presented by Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former lawyer and fixer.

Speaking to Cohen, Wolkoff said she had “needed to let a reporter listen to the tapes, because [the White House] made sure that people didn’t believe what I was saying … once I had already been severed and accused of criminal activity.”

“The White House created a narrative,” she added, “because I didn’t follow along with the one they wanted.” That narrative, she said, was that the Trumps did not know about fundraising for the inaugural and any alleged improprieties.

“Nothing took place without Donald’s approval,” Wolkoff told Cohen. “Nothing took place without Melania knowing.”

Midway through the hour-long interview, Wolkoff played a snatch of tape in which the first lady complained about a Vogue photoshoot from 2018.

“Go Google and read it,” the first lady says. “Annie Leibovitz shot the porn hooker, and she will be [in] one of the issues, September or October.”

“What do you mean?” Wolkoff asks.

“Stormy,” Trump says.

“Shut the fuck up,” Wolkoff responds on the tape. “For what?”

“It was yesterday it came up,” Melania Trump says. “For Vogue. It will be in Vogue. Annie Leibovitz shot her.”

Leibovitz photographed Daniels and her then attorney, Michael Avenatti, for an August 2018 story entitled Stormy Daniels Isn’t Backing Down.

So I’m wondering when Melania called Stormy a “porn hooker” was she looking in a mirror?

I have to say that I am shocked because I always believed there was a sense of camaraderie between sex workers. 

You know, a sisterhood of sorts. 

I mean let’s face both of these women both surrendered the goods to Donald Trump for money. 

Stormy simply wanted a stint on The Apprentice, but Melania decided to shoot for the whole enchilada and is now living (occasionally) in the White House. 

I am not judging sex workers, but at least Stormy Daniels feels bad for allowing herself to be defiled by ole mushroom dick.

Update: Stormy tweeted a response to this story.

Okay, now I want to see a debate between Stormy Daniels and Melania.