What, are they all full up at the looney bin?

Courtesy of Think Progress

QAnon is a theory which, in a nutshell, claims prominent members of the Democratic Party, the media, and George Soros are all part of a secret cabal of global elites who indulge in Satanic worship and pedophilia. At some unspecified point in the future, the conspiracy claims, Trump, along with Mueller, will unleash the “Storm” by delivering thousands of sealed indictments against his political enemies, and promptly execute them or ship them off to Guantanamo Bay.

“Q” is the shadowy figure at the center of the conspiracy who claims to have high-level security clearance inside the Trump administration, but who is widely regarded as an extremely dedicated troll.

The number of QAnon supporters and related merchandise at Trump’s Michigan rally this week proved the disavowals have clearly not worked. Travis View, a researcher who specializes in following QAnon, tweeted that the gathering “may have [been] the largest QAnon presence since” the Tampa rally.

NBC also noted a large number of pro-QAnon Trump supporters in the crowd outside the rally. A QAnon sign was clearly visible in one of the rally photos that Trump tweeted later.

“Q’s” predictions, of course, have been repeatedly turned out to be false. In February, QAnon supporters claimed Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was dead. She isn’t. “Q” also claimed that George H. W. Bush’s funeral on December 5 would be the cover for mass arrests. It wasn’t.

The constant delay in mass arrests has left some prominent QAnoners irate, with supporter Liz Cronkin saying in January that she’ll have to “bow out” of the movement if there aren’t mass arrests this year.

None of this seems to matter to QAnon supporters, who continue to make their presence felt over the internet in bizarre ways. In March, a QAnon book on Amazon climbed its way into the top ten list on Amazon. As Mother Jones noted, QAnon fans have created several petitions for the White House — including one demanding the Marines occupy the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, where the Deep State is supposedly indulging in child sacrifice.

You know I keep hearing people saying that we need to stop judging Trump supporters so harshly and try to see things from their perspective. 

But I don’t think I want to see things from the perspective of racists, idiots, and crazy people. 

So I think I will just stay right here in my mentally healthy bubble and continue to judge them harshly.