This looks to be an easy win for the Democrats.

Courtesy of Newsweek:

Arizona’s incumbent Senator Martha McSally, a Republican, continues to see her Democratic challengers’ lead grow, according to new polling.

OH Predictive Insights released polling data this week which showed that Democratic candidate Mark Kelly has a lead of 13 points, with support from 51 percent of Arizona voters compared to only 38 percent who back McSally. The GOP senator’s support has declined significantly (4 points) since April, when OH Predictive Insights had McSally at 42 percent and Kelly at 51 percent.

“McSally is doing terribly,” pollster Mike Noble told The Arizona Republic in regards to the polling. “There’s no way to find a bright spot on that one.”

Kelly has led McSally in nearly all public polls that have been conducted this year. The current Real Clear Politics average of Arizona polls, which does not include the latest OH Predictive Insights survey, shows Kelly ahead of McSally by an average of 8 points. That aggregation shows Kelly with support from about 49 percent of Arizona voters, while McSally is backed by just 41 percent.

The incumbent GOP senator was appointed to her position to serve out the rest of deceased Republican Senator John McCain’s term, following the resignation of his initial successor Senator Jon Kyl. McSally previously lost a 2018 Senate bid against Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema.

I have already gushed enough over Mark Kelly on this blog but will mention once again that not only he is an honest to goodness hero but he is also an all-around great guy. 

If the Democrats could create the perfect candidate in a lab and don’t think they have not tried, they would be hard-pressed to come up with somebody better than Mark Kelly. 

He is going to serve Arizona well, and hopefully for decades to come.