This man was a lit fuse just waiting to go off. 

Courtesy of NBC:

The man suspected of ambushing the family of the first Latina federal judge in New Jersey posted thousands of pages of writing to the internet in recent years decrying feminism and ranting against her, according to websites registered in his name and address.

The man, Roy Den Hollander, an anti-feminist activist and lawyer, was pronounced dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, officials said Monday. Den Hollander, who law enforcement officials said shot and killed the son of U.S. District Judge Esther Salas in an ambush Sunday at her home in North Brunswick, wrote about his hatred of Salas in a self-published book this year.

Den Hollander pushed his books on several websites, according to domain registration records examined by NBC News that match his known address and phone number. In the recently published memoir Den Hollander left online, he called Salas “a lazy and incompetent Latina judge appointed by Obama.” Referring to a 2015 case Salas presided over, Den Hollander said he “wanted to ask the Judge out, but thought she might hold me in contempt.”

Authorities say Den Hollander approached Salas’ home dressed as a FedEx driver, fatally shot her son, Daniel Anderl, 20, and critically injured her husband, Mark Anderl.

Salas, who presided over a civil case five years ago in which Den Hollander provided representation, was in the basement during the attack and was not injured, NBC New York reported.

Den Hollander’s writings are littered with language common among the most extreme anti-feminist communities on the web, some of which he was a member of. He was active in anti-feminist and misogynist groups on Facebook, including groups titled Humanity Vs. Feminism and Men Going Their Own Way, according to an analysis of accounts linked to him.

The website Heavy (Link) has a number of factoids about this POS, including that apparently many of his troubles with women started when his marriage to his Russian wife failed. 

After that Den Hollander started to actively write about his mistrust of women, his frustration that they are protected by the law from domestic violence, and that President Obama dared to appoint some of them as judges. 

Den Hollander also worked on Russia and claims to have run a private investigation office. 

At its core, it appears that Den Hollander was an incel, a man who ins involuntarily celibate, and that seems to have stoked his hatred of women. 

Why this particular judge rose to the top of his hit list is not yet fully understood, but from what I hear he may have killed others and planned to kill even more. 

He was also 72 and claimed to be dying of cancer.

Oh, and if this guy voted, I think we all know who he voted for.