I see a long prison sentence in this guy’s future. 

Courtesy of Buzzfeed:

The neo-Nazi accused of killing a woman in Charlottesville after driving his car into a crowd of protesters said “it doesn’t fucking matter” that the victim died.

James Alex Fields referred to Heather Heyer, the woman he allegedly killed, as “that one girl who died, or whatever,” according to a recording of a call he made to his mother from jail in December 2017. Fields is standing trial for premeditated murder, malicious wounding, and hit-and-run in Charlottesville.

On the call, Fields said that Heyer’s mother, Susan Bro, was “one of those anti-white communists.” According to a federal indictment, Fields “promoted his belief that white people are superior to other races and peoples.”

“She lost her daughter,” Fields’ mother, Samantha Bloom, responded.

“It doesn’t fucking matter. She’s a communist,” Fields said.

“Stop talking like that,” Bloom said.

“It isn’t up for questioning. She’s the enemy, mother,” he replied.

In another call made to his mother in March 2018, Fields pressed the point that he had been acting in self-defense in the car.

“I spent my life not doing anything wrong, then I get mobbed by a violent group of terrorists and jailed for defending my person,” he told her. He added that he believed that people in the crowd had been carrying ISIS flags in support of the terrorist group.

This is the result of getting all of your news from Right Wing outlets or Facebook.

In fact wasn’t it revealed that the Russians used Facebook to inflame racist anger before and after Charlottesville? 

These idiots are simply jumping through the hoops set up for them by enemies of America, and yes that includes Fox News and Right Wing media.