So does that make him a “splat earther?” 

Courtesy of WaPo:

In December, buttressed by his conviction and advances in homemade rocketry, “Mad” Mike Hughes flipped on a camera and fantasized about the moment when he shows mankind that it lives on a verdant disk.

The plan was simple: fire into the sky on a steam-powered rocket and trigger a balloon to carry him to the Karman line, the 62-mile-high barrier that separates the atmosphere and the cold vacuum of space, filming the entire way. “For three hours, the world stops,” Hughes said during a live stream.

Hughes, a self-styled daredevil, flat-Earth theorist and limousine stuntman, died Saturday when his jury-rigged contraption propelled him on a column of steam, spiraled through the air and cratered into the sagebrush outside Barstow, Calif. He was 64.

“It was unsuccessful, and he passed away,” longtime collaborator Waldo Stakes told the Associated Press, declining to comment further.

A video of the launch and crash posted by freelance reporter Justin Chapman showed a green parachute falling away from the rocket moments after the takeoff. It is unclear why the rocket failed to return safely, as it had on earlier occasions.

Hughes had ridden back to the ground on a parachute after at least one successful launch, strapped to a rocket bearing the words “FLAT EARTH.”

I try not to speak ill of the dead, but seriously, come on!

If you do not even understand the basic facts about the earth you have no business trying to build a rocket.

And did he not get high enough in his first attempt to see the curvature of the earth? 

I mean are these rockets only getting a few dozen feet off the ground?

And not to feed into the whole flat earth conspiracy theory but I am pretty sure that the part of the earth that he slammed into was probably flat. So there is that.