Do you know how depressing it is to write “latest mass shooting in Texas?”

Courtesy of The Hill:

The man who killed seven people in Odessa, Texas, over the weekend had been fired from his trucking job hours before the mass shooting, according to multiple reports.

He was pulled over Saturday by state troopers for failing to use a turn signal before beginning firing, according to police.

An additional 22 people were injured in the mass shooting, which was the second in Texas in August.

The Hill has identified the shooter by name but I am going to leave that part out as I do not want to help any of these assholes get famous. 

The man had a few run-ins with the law, but there were no outstanding warrants for his arrest which might help to explain his massive overreaction to being pulled over. 

Right now this seems like a simple case of a man who lost his temper after suffering just one more frustration than he could handle. 

It likely had not a damn thing to do with video games or mental health issues and was just a man who lost his shit and happened to have access to a military-style weapon so that he could punish the world for it. 

Without this gun, he might have been arrested for a barroom brawl or a domestic violence incident at his home, but there would probably be no fatalities and there definitely would not be a 17-month-old having her face reconstructed in a hospital. 

Once again guns do not keep us safe, and the proof of that is that not one single citizen in the most pro-gun state in the country stopped this guy during his murder spree. 

There was no “good guy with a gun” just dozens of victims and terrified people fleeing for their lives.