And who can blame them?

Courtesy of NYT:

Major news organizations have become increasingly wary of sending journalists to travel with President Trump to White House events and campaign rallies, as the president and his aides continue to shun safety protocols after an outbreak of the coronavirus within their ranks.

The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post are among the major outlets that have declined to assign reporters to travel with Mr. Trump as he returns to the trail this week, saying they do not have assurance that basic precautions will be taken to protect reporters’ health.

Foremost among the flouters is Mr. Trump himself, who, despite recently contracting the virus and spending three nights in the hospital, has shown little willingness to change his habits: On Saturday, he said the virus would soon “disappear,” and on the way to a rally in Florida on Monday, he boarded Air Force One — where reporters were seated in the cabin — without wearing a mask.

At least three White House correspondents have tested positive for the coronavirus in the past two weeks, including a Times reporter who had traveled on Air Force One, Michael D. Shear.

Safety concerns may also complicate Mr. Trump’s tentative NBC town hall on Thursday, one of his last remaining chances to make his case before a large national audience. NBC executives have asked the White House for proof that their employees will not face undue risks at the event, according to two people familiar with discussions.

The White House Correspondents’ Association, which coordinates the so-called pool of reporters who travel with the president to chronicle his movements and utterances, is now scrambling to find journalists willing to staff the president’s events. It’s an unheard-of phenomenon for a tradition that dates back decades, veteran Washington correspondents say, and it comes with Election Day just three weeks away.

Let’s face it Donald Trump is a Coronavirus super spreader and anybody who enters his orbit is at risk of getting infected, being hospitalized, and even dying. 

This is actually potentially deadlier than being asked to report from war-torn countries around the world. 

Especially since if you are shot there is no chance you can infect loved ones with bullet wounds as well. 

I think if I were running a news agency I would keep all my reporters as far away from infection ground zero as possible, and that would be anywhere near Donald Trump. 

And that also means staying as far away from those crazy-ass rallies as humanly possible. 

Maybe they can just send drones?