Courtesy of KXLF:

Postal workers in Maine reassembled a high-speed mail sorting machine that had been taken offline over the summer amid USPS policy changes instituted by the new postmaster general.

According to WMTM-TV in Poland Spring, Maine and The Associated Press, workers at the Southern Maine Mail Processing Center in Scarborough reassembled one of the two mail sorting machines that had been decommissioned in the summer.

The machine resumed sorting mail on Thursday. According to WMTM, the American Postal Workers Union pushed managers at the sorting plant to bring the machine back online.

The other machine that had been disassembled this summer had been sold for scrap metal.

Sometimes heroes don’t wear a cape. 

I am hoping that other post offices will follow this example, though I do know that many of the machines were dismantled and then had their parts discarded to prevent this very thing from happening.