Courtesy of Indian Country Today:

Native Twitter has gone ablaze as a Native American elder singing the AIM Song in Washington DC during the Indigenous Peoples March was ridiculed, taunted and mocked by a group of non-Native youth.

The video, which was posted by YouTube account holder KC NOLAND, was also screen captured and shared on other social media accounts with views shortly gaining tens of thousands of views.

The elder is Nathan Phillips, an Omaha elder who is also a Vietnam Veteran and former director of the Native Youth Alliance. He is also a keeper of a sacred pipe and holds an annual ceremony honoring Native American veterans in the Arlington National Cemetery.

Phillips is also the subject of a previous racially-based incident when he was taunted and harassed by Eastern Michigan University students who were dressed stereo-typically as Native Americans. As reported in FOX 2 News, he was yelled at and hit by a thrown beer can.

Here is the video that captures all of the little shits being disrespectful to their betters.

Did you ever notice that when you see somebody wearing one of those obnoxious MAGA hats they are right in the middle of being a huge douchebag to somebody?

That can’t just be a coincidence, right? 

I don’t know who is raising that waste of sperm, but if this were my kid I would wipe that grin right off his fucking face.

Update: Here is Mr. Phillips talking about the incident through this tears. 

Shameful how he was treated by that little bastard. 


Goddamn right!