Courtesy of The Times-Picayune:

Jesse Duplantis, the Destrehan-based prosperity gospel televangelist with a global reach, is asking disciples for money to buy a jet that costs $54 million “so we can go anywhere in the world in one stop.” He seeks the donations in a video posted last week on his ministry’s website.

“I really believe that if the Lord Jesus Christ was physically on the Earth today, he wouldn’t be riding a donkey,” Duplantis says in the video. “He’d be in an airplane flying all over the world.”

He says his 40-year-old Jesse Duplantis Ministries has paid cash for three private jets and been “just burning them up for the Lord Jesus Christ.” The most recent purchase was in 2006, he says.

That’s right this asshole has already purchased three other private jets using donations from people who probably have a hard time even paying their rent. 

He keeps them in a constant state of fear about going to hell and then convinces them that their ticket to heaven is through their donations which help him live in the very lap of luxury. 

And the reason that Duplantis says he needs this is because commercial airplanes are filled with demons. 

That’s right, demons. 

I despise predators like this, but I also have very little respect for those that allow themselves to be victimized by what is clearly Christian camouflaged charlatanism. 

Anybody and I mean ANYBODY, who claims that they talk to God should be ostracized at the very least and possibly committed for their own safety and the safety of others. 

Talking to invisible people, and demonstrating a fear of demons, are signs of mental illness, not signs that they need a 54 million dollar private plane. 

And let me point out once again that it is this same type of self-delusion which allows people to be manipulated, not only by religions frauds but also by political opportunists.