The bad news for Trump just keeps on coming. 

Courtesy of CNN:

David Pecker, the head of the company that publishes the National Enquirer, has spoken with prosecutors with the New York district attorney’s office as part of its investigation into the Trump Organization’s handling of hush money payments to women who alleged affairs with President Donald Trump, sources with knowledge of the meeting tell CNN.

The America Media Inc. chairman’s late October meeting with prosecutors from the major economic crimes bureau could provide key details on discussions that took place involving Stormy Daniels, the adult film star who allegedly had an affair with Trump, and agreements that were made with former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, the sources said.

Cohen is cooperating with the investigation. Pecker is expected to continue talking with prosecutors, sources said.

The meeting between Pecker and the local prosecutors shows that investigators are still trying to connect the dots between Trump and the hush money payments. The meeting could result in Pecker being a potential critical witness down the road in any legal action against Trump or the Trump Organization.

Prosecutors are investigating whether any state laws were broken, such as whether the Trump Organization falsified any business records relating to the Daniels payment.

Man one can only imagine all of the tales that David Pecker is telling these prosecutors about Donald Trump. 

The DA is also still attempting to get their hands on Trump’s tax returns but that case is headed to the Supreme Court, and ther eis no telling how that will play out. 

By the way this is why Trump is desperate to stay in office for as long as possible. 

He knows the legal shit storm that awaits him once he is no longer president of the United States.