Courtesy of Mediaite:

Murkowski was seen as a key moderate Republican in Senate votes on the trial, but last week she voted against calling further witnesses, and it’s now expected the Senate will ultimately vote to acquit the president.

The Alaska senator railed against the “rank partisanship” from both sides, and once again criticized the House of Representatives for what she’s called the “flawed” process of pursuing this impeachment.

She criticized the president’s actions but said they could have pursued censure — an option being floated today by Democrat Joe Manchin – instead of the “remedy of last resort.”

“I cannot vote to convict. The Constitution provides for impeachment but does not demand it in all instances,” Murkowski ultimately said tonight.

Anybody who seriously thought that Murkowski would defy Mitch McConnell has been deluding themselves. 

She is now, and forever will be, a Republican sheep, going along with the herd and only pretending to have independence when given permission to do so. 

And if there was anybody left who wondered how Maine Senator Susan Collins was going to vote, wonder no longer. 

Neither of these women are anything but Republican lapdogs. 

Andybody who thinks otherwise is fooling themselves.