Courtesy of Newsweek:

Lindsey Graham has said new impeachment evidence presented by Lev Parnas this week was “no different than the old evidence,” calling the indicted Rudy Giuliani associate “crooked as a snake.”

The GOP senator for South Carolina told Fox News on Thursday night that he smelled “a rat” and accused Parnas of “dripping out” evidence to the House Intelligence Committee in the build-up to the Senate impeachment trial.

His comments came two days after House Democrats released a trove of documents provided by Parnas’ attorney, including text messages and photographs.

A letter from President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Giuliani requesting a meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy was also among the evidence, and claimed to be sent with the commander-in-chief’s “knowledge and consent.”

President Trump claimed he didn’t “know anything about a letter” when asked about the document by reporters.

Speaking about the new evidence provided by Parnas on Tuesday, Graham said: “The new evidence is no different than the old evidence.”

“This Parnas guy is facing indictment,” the South Carolina senator added. “He’s been dripping out to the House Intel Committee batches of information, crescendoing to the week we start the trial.

“I smell a rat here. The guy is crooked as a snake.”

Well yes,, the guy has been indicted. 

But he was indicted for illegally funneling foreign money into the campaigns of Republicans running for office, and to a Trump super PAC. 

That is a thing with which Republicans are typically totally cool. 

Besides who in Trump world is NOT currently unuder indictment? 

If Graham is so concerned that Parnas cannot be trusted because he is a criminal perhaps he ought to tell his boss to stop hanging around with so many damn criminals. 

Let’s face it Lindsey Graham is not dismissing the evidence provided by Lev Parnas because he doubts its authenticity, he is dismissing it because he realizes that it could doom his president.