Wait, is this the new thing? Is it the same doctor that is currently lying for Donald Trump?

I have questions.

Courtesy of Mediaite

Graham appeared at a South Carolina Senate forum that was hastily changed from a debate with Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison when Graham refused to be tested for COVID-19, and the first question he was asked was about that refusal.

WSPA anchor Gordon Dill opened by saying “Starting on Monday, you will chair a committee to confirm a new Supreme Court Justice, you will be inside a hearing room for hours at a time, several days of the week with some of America’s top elected leadership,” then asked “Is it not appropriate for you to take a coronavirus test in advance of that hearing?”

“Well, number one, I am the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee that’s about to confirm the most highly qualified woman, I think, ever nominated by the Republican Party,” Graham said, invoking a list that includes two other women — Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and failed nominee Harriet Miers.

Sen. Graham went on to explain in greater detail why he doesn’t need to be tested, concluding with the fact that he has a doctor’s note:

“We are setting the hearing room up based on CDC guidelines, I just got a statement today from the architect of the Capitol who consulted with the House physician, saying that the room is set up in a compliant way.”

“But here’s what’s important. How many of you are going to go to work tomorrow, how many of you will be around people tomorrow, if you’re a waitress and you go to the restaurant to earn your living, are you going to require of your employer that everybody be tested that comes into the restaurant? Are you going to require that all of your coworkers be tested whether they need to or not? You can’t make that requirement. If you did it would break our economy.”

“So we’re going to run the hearing in a medically compliant way, but I’m not going to live my life differently than you have to live yours. To those of you who work for a living, you can’t do what Mr. Harrison has demanded tonight. You can’t not show up at work because you want everybody tested whether they need to or not.”

“I’ve got a letter from my doctor saying that I am CDC compliant, there’s no reason to test me.”

Okay, Lindsey Graham has refused to be tested multiple times now, which would lead a suspicious person to consider that he might be hiding something. 

I mean if he has nothing to hide, what is he so afraid of? 

By the way, his opponent is still killing him in the fundraising department. 

Courtesy of CBS News:

Jaime Harrison, a Democrat working to defeat GOP Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, brought in a record-breaking $57 million in the third quarter of 2020, his Senate campaign announced Sunday.

Harrison’s haul is the highest quarterly amount raised by a Senate candidate in U.S. history, smashing former Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke’s record of $38 million when he ran in 2018.

Okay, so I guess we DO know what Graham is so afraid of.